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Welcome to Petroleum Outlets Association of Kenya

Petroleum is one of the key drivers of our economy as it is the core source of
energy for mobility and domestic cooking in Kenya as well as power generation. It
accounts for 20% of our total import costs as a country. It is supported by a robust
private sector that has invested heavily across the value chain.
The local investors include OMCs, Resellers, Distributors, Transporters, and Retailers. The independent players in this space account for 68% of the retail footprint
which translates to a throughput of 50% of the total volume consumed locally.
The National Petroleum Conference is a first-of-its-kind forum bringing together
independent players from all parts of the country to give visibility, prominence,

and focus to the unique challenges and opportunities surrounding this important
segment of the Petroleum Sector in Kenya.
This will catalyze alignment with the policy direction of our current Government
which focuses on rebuilding the Kenyan economy from the bottom up. The theme
of this conference is, “A view from the bottom” giving a different perspective on
the current and future direction of this changing segment of the energy economy.
We would like to invite you to be a part of this important forum as it gathers to
exchange ideas and harnesses
its power to do business and transform the lives of Kenyans.
The conference will be held at Safari Park Hotel.

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