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A versatile leader with experience in
Management, Field Operations, Diplomatic Negotiations, Facilities Management,
and Vendor Management. Demonstrated expertise in Business Continuity &
Crisis Management plans during the fuel crisis in Kenya. A dynamic and
self-driven professional with an outstanding ability to manage multiple assignments,
including risk assessment, team management,techno-commercial functions,
coordination, innovation, client management, and working with cross-functional
departments. Seasoned people skills with a transformational leadership style,
broader focus, and the ability to execute with discipline and effectiveness to
provide strategic leadership to enhance social impact and the economy in

He has been the founding chairman and board
member since 2020 Performing key duties as a
Board Member to develop strategic campaign plan for local and state campaigns,
that promote the vision and mission of the organization  while
also Developing business plan
including value proposition, product roadmap, revenue model, marketing
strategies, traction generation, technical execution and fund
raising. Collaborating with teams
across the company on a range of ad-hoc projects involving Product, Customer
Success, People Operations and Business Development 

Through his leadership he has helped
accomplish developed the agreement to
end the Kenya fuel crisis in May 2022, Participated in the
steering committee and leadership negotiation with the key stakeholders on the
agreement to solve the fuel crisis in May 2022, Served as a key advisor to
the government on how to implement and execute a strategic plan to solve the
fuel crisis